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about us

We are ALMADANI CERTIFIED TRANSLATION OFFICE Owned by Mr. BAHJAT JAMAL OMRAN ALMADANI, a Legal certified translator since 30 years. We are working in the translation field since about 30 years in KSA. Our clients are all over the world from east –west to south-north. We do all translation kinds, documents, certificates, company profiles, bids, technical, scientific, medical, engineering, legal, BOQs, accounting, statements, etc…

Our main job is to do translation services in a way combining both accuracy and speed. We have a translation teamwork consisting of about 20 translators, in addition to plenty of freelancer translators.

We offer English/Arabic & Arabic/English translation services with high efficiency on time, we never miss our dates.

It is our pleasure to put at your disposal the vast experience of highly qualified and professional translators to meet your requirements of accurate and quick translation of bids, contracts, specifications, guides, manuals, commercial correspondences, documents, books of law and accounting no matter how big they are. Moreover, we provide certified translation of certificates, AS WE ARE CERTIFIED BY ALL FOREIGN Embassies such as USA and UK Embassy, and all kinds of documents with utmost accuracy and full speed to be used in litigations. We are legal translators accredited by all government entities and many foreign embassies . License No. 64, since 1403H (1982G).